Matching food and wine

Many English and Welsh wines can be drunk by themselves, for they have a natural lightness and flavour. The latter comes from the wide range of aromatic grapes available, e.g. Ortega, Siegerebbe, Schonburger.

They are also an ideal accompaniment to food and/or can be used in cooking. The recipe pages provide ideas about wines which can accompany or form part of specific dishes. These are also highlighted in the Vineyard pages. Cookery is a mixture of art and science, and as with all recipes, these are intended as general guidelines only. Tastes and ovens vary. If you prefer intense flavours, add more herbs and spices; if you prefer food moister or your oven is fierce, add more water. Salt is not included in any recipe.

If you have any favourites that you think match a particular food, then please let us know and we can include it.

Ukvines- Vineyards of England and Wales

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