Vineyards of the South West



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Vineyards in the area are represented by the SOUTH WESTERN VINEYARDS ASSOCIATION, whose Web site provides detailed information on how to join and on competition details.
The South Western counties were amongst the first to develop vineyards, with famous names such as Wootton and Pilton Manor amongst the early pioneers. The original focus was in North Somerset around Shepton Mallet. However, this has now gone , as their owners have retired, and of the old ones,only Bagborough and Avalon survive.

However, Cornwall and Devon are now the scene of major developments.Sharpham, Camel Valley and Gillian Pearkes' Yearlstone were the original focii of the industry.However, New developments such as Kenton and Old Walls are rapidly filling up the map and making Devon a major wine producer with well-established viticultural tourist trails.These are being encouraged by the revival and expansion of wine-making facilities at Yearlstone, which is now one of the largest wine producers in the area.

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