The Regions of the United Kingdom

English wine and Welsh wine has come a long way in the last 20 years. Major investment has produced centres of excellence in production, important tourist locations as well as an important viticultural training centre at Plumpton College in Sussex. Since 2000, large hectarages of sparkling wine grapes have been planted in Sussex, Hampshire and Kent, and are now featured as their own region in this guide. By 2012, the range of English sparkling wine on the market will probably exceed that of still wines.

The northwards march of viticulture proves that latitude, whilst significant, is not critical to vinegrowing.New varieties have greatly assisted viticulturalists. England's most northerly commercial vineyard is currently Ryedale near Malton in Yorkshire, where the right grapes and a sheltered site show what can be achieved. In the west, Ynys Mon is the furthest northern outpost for Welsh wine.

Even Scotland now has vineyards
This website provides access details for the majority of Welsh and English vineyards, together with suggested tourist routes and wine-and-food matches. The UK national organisation for vineyards is WineGB, which is financed entirely by its member vineyards.

The associations are:

  • The Anglian Vineyards Association (Essex, Norfork, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire).
  • The South East Association (Kent, Sussex and Surrey)(Now WineGB South East)
  • The Thames & Chilterns Association (Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire) Association web site
  • The Wessex Association (Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire and the Isle of Wight)
  • The South Western Vineyards Association(Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Gloucestershire, and the southern Walian Marches)
  • The South Western Vineyards Association
  • The Mercian Vineyards Association (Northern England,Scotland)
  • The Welsh Vineyards Association

  • Where to find specified vineyards.

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