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The quality of Mercia

The ancient kingdom of Mercia stretched from the Welsh border (where Offa's Dyke was built as a boundary marker), to Northumbria in the north. Stretching a point, it includes Leeds and Northamptonshire.
The commercial vineyards are in very sheltered warm locations (although anyone standing in Eglantine vineyard with a howling gale blowing straight in from Siberia would'nt think so !) Many have their own wineries.
Currently the most northerly COMMERCIAL vineyard up to 2017 was Ryedale, near Malton.However, in that year, UNDERSCAR MANOR in Cumbria planted a hectare of vines, and the wine from them should be available in the early 2020s. If anyone has information of vineyards not shown here, or who owns a vineyard that they would like included, please let the site know.

Wine Makers Association

The northern winemakers are represented by the MERCIAN VINEYARDS ASSOCIATION. This is open to producers and enthusiasts from all the midlands and northern counties of England, as well as those in Scotland. and Northern Ireland. Full details are available on the association's web site.

Vineyards with shops

  • Astley
  • Holmfirth
  • Leventhorpe
  • Renishaw
  • Ryedale
  • Tiltridge
  • Walton Brook
  • Welland Valley


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