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The Vineyards of the Welsh Marches

The Marches, or border lands were long a scene of conflict between the Saxon kingdoms to the east, and Wales to the West. Offa, king of Mercia, built an incredible earthwork, known as Offa's Dyke, as a boundary between the two areas. William I built a string of castles to guard the border.

The area today is a major fruit growing and tourist region, centred around Hereford in the south. Many small vineyards have emerged as an alternative to hop growing. Some belong to old country houses, such as Bodenham, Croft Castle and Treago Castle. The major centre, Three Choirs, has grown damatically in the last 20 years, and is now a major tourist centre, with restaurant, shop, tours, hotel and winery.
The majority of wines in the area are contract made by Martin Fowke of Three Choirs at Newent, though Wroxeter, Treago and Coddington each has its own winery
the area speciality is the Bacchus grape although there are excellent wines made of Reichensteiner (Bodenham) and Schonburger (Tiltridge)

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