Bedford,Cambridgeshire,Essex,Norfolk and Suffolk

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East Anglian Vineyards

The vineyards of East Anglia are represented by the East Anglian Vineyards Association. The association is unique in that it has a sales site, providing a range of English wines from local vineyards Click for web site

Vineyards with shops (not always open all the year)

  • Dedham Vale
  • Giffords Hall
  • Great Lodge, Bardfield
  • Lavenham Brook
  • Valley Farm Halesworth
  • West St Coggeshall
  • Wyken
  • East Anglia has always been a major producer since Ian Berwick of Bruisyard (now sadly closed since Ian's retirement) planted in 1974. Several vineyards are major attractions for tourists, with Mersea,Ickworth and Wyken being pivotally placed. Shawsgate has always provided contract wine-making which has allowed smaller vineyards to develop without the need for expensive equipment.
    Norfolk has never been a major player- for various reasons (ask local viticulturalists!? but Suffolk and Essex have a number of sites well worth visiting.

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