Warden AbbeyVineyard

Warden Abbey Vineyard
Southill Park
Beds SE18 9LJ


  • Bacchus
  • Muller Thurgau
  • Regner
  • Reichensteiner

    Wines: White and Sparkling

  • Vines at Southill Park go back to the 12th. Century, when a Large (10 acres) and a Small (4 acre)vineyards were planted by the monks. It became notorious for the ability of the monks to consume most of their produce, and the abbey was nationalised by Henry VIII.

    In 1986, the small vineyard was replanted by Jane Whitehead. Since then it has acquired a repution as a producer of consistently good quaffable wines which invariably win medals in national and local competitions. The shop is open most weekdays, and wines can be obtained via their own web site

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