Ryedale Vineyard

Stuart and Elizabeth Smith
Ryedale Vineyards
Farfield Farm,
Tel 01653 658507
e-mail info@thevinehouse.fsnet.co.uk
  • Seyval Blanc (organic)
  • Ortega
  • Rondo
  • Siegerrebe
  • Trial batches of other vines

  • Viticulturalist Stuart Smith among the vines
    Ryedale Vineyard, planted in 2006, consists of 7 acres- with about 4 acres on an organic holding and 3 acres of conventional vineyard on a separate site. Both are in the area between York and Malton in North Yorkshire. It is the most northerly commercial vineyard, being further north than both Leventhorpe and Yorkshire Heart.

    The soils are sandy loam on the conventional site and a heavier loam on the organic. The organic site is planted with a variety of new hybrids 1000 Regent, 1000 Solaris, 1000 Rondo, 600 Phoenix and 500 Seyval. The 3 acres non organic have Ortega, Rondo and Siegerrebe. Trial batches of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Bacchus have also been planted. The sites are in two south facing fields situated near Malton in Ryedale. Red, white and sparkling will be produced, and eventually the vineyard will be open to the public.
    In their first year of production,Ryedale cropped well on their Solaris and Rondo vines, and gained medals in both the UKVA and the Mercian vineyards Compentitions. In the latter, they were awarded the Renishaw Trophy for the best dry white wine in Mercia, as well as the Richardson Trophy for the best wine of any class in either Yorkshire or Lancashire.

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