New Lodge Vineyard

Mrs Joyce Boulos-Hanna
Earls Barton Northants


  • Phoenix
  • Seyval Blanc
  • Bacchus
  • The parish of Beretun was first settled in Saxon times, and was a barley growing region. The Earls who added their names to the title lived in nearby Castle Ashby. The village website lists corn milling and cloth weaving amongst the early industries.The late 18th century brought boot making and ironstone quarrying to the area. the latter has died out, killed by rich imported ore and the closure of the nearby Corby Steelworks. However, Barkers shoe factory remains and flourishes, being the maker of some of the best shoes available in Britain.

    The village now boasts a vineyard. A half acre field at New Lodge was planted with 200 vines in 2001. These successfully cropped in 2006, and the wine is due to be released in 2008

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