Ickworth Vineyard

Charles & Jillian Macready
Ickworth Vineyard
Fortlands, Sicklesmere Road
IP33 2BB
Phone: 01284-723399
Mobile: 01284-748020


  • Rondo
  • Bacchus
  • Auxerrois
  • Pinot Noir

  • Ickworth- the next 20 years??

    Ickworth - long a centre for quality wines, is unfortunately no longer a vineyard. In 2011, the vineyard lease ended and the Macreadys started to remove their vines. The National Trust are returning the walled garden to its former incarnation in line with a national policy which says all walled gardens need to go back to what they were especially if the provenance can be found which it has been in this instance.
    Jill McCready is currently transplanting the healthy vines to other local sites. The full story can be read in her blog at
  • Twitter: @replantavine

    In its previous existence, Ickworth has won awards for it's wine which comprise Suffolk Pink (sparkling), The Earl Bishop's Reserve (red) and Walled Garden White (white). In 2005 Walled Garden White 2003 won a gold medal in the East Anglian Winegrower's Association Wine of the Year competition. In 2003 Ickworth The Earl Bishop's Reserve 2000 & 2001 both received gold medals in the same competition which has been running since 1972; this was the first time a red wine had received a gold medal. Other awards have been won in previous years since the first 300 bottles were produced in 1997.

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