Dunkery vineyard

  • White Dry and Medium dry
  • Red
  • Rose

    Wine maker

    Own winery
  • Derek & Val Pritchard
    Dunkery Vineyard
    Wootton Courteney
    MINEHEAD Devon
    Tel: 01-643-841-505
    Fax: 01-643-841-207
    Website: Vineyard

    Grapes grown

    • Many varieties
    • Sales in 3, 6 or 12 bottle packs (by appointment)

    7 acres planted on clay soils in1984-93 on Red Devon Sandstone with a SE facing slope. Many varieties of vine are grown and sold commercially.Currently, this is the largest vineyard in Somerset, and Derek Pritchard has always been noted for the quality of his red wines. For full details see web sites listed above.
    Somerset & the West Country