Pork Phoenix

Serves 4

Ingredients: Method:
  1. Place chopped pork into a large basin, add lemon rind, herbs and wine. Stand in a cool place for approx. ½hr. If the pork is from a free range, older animal then the pork can be marinated for about an hour.
  2. Remove the pork pieces from the wine and pat dry. The meat must be dried before frying otherwise it will stew rather than fry.
  3. Fry pork pieces in oil until browned (5-10 mins.), remove.
  4. Fry onion until browned, add mushrooms, carrots, pork and ground mustard.
  5. Add chicken stock, wine (including herbs etc.) and stir well and heat until simmering.
  6. Cook in moderate oven for 1¾ hours. Check liquid level regularly in last ½ hour.
  7. Cook sausages, slice and mix into casserole ½hr before dish is cooked.
Serve with roasted parsnip and potato slices, and green vegetables.