Pork with Apricots

(Serves 6)

To accompany: Seyval or Sauvignon Blanc


The following ingredients - tied together in a square of muslin. Method:
  1. Soak apricots in wine overnight (one glassful).
  2. Fry pork pieces in oil until browned (5-10 mins.), remove.
  3. Fry shallots until browned, add pork.
  4. Add flour, stir until cooked (2 mins.), add chicken stock and remaining wine, stir well and heat until simmering.
  5. Add muslin square of spices.
  6. Cook in moderate oven for 1 hours. Check liquid level regularly in last hour.
  7. Add apricots and soaking liquor. Cook for further hour and check that pork is cooked.
  8. Remove bag of spices before serving.
Serve with vegetables.