Producers of still varietal wines in England and Wales

Most commercial vineyards produce still wines, though an increasing number in the South East are specialising in sparkling wines. The majority blend their grapes to produce Dry or medium wine, dependant on what they are growing or what has grown well that year. However, there are a large number who produce a 'varietal' wine, akin to those produced in Alsace. Some of the grapes are unique to the British Isles, though increasingly more well known ones, such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, are beginning to appear. The varietals common in the 1980's, such as Triomph and Muller Thurgau, are increasingly rare. There is even the occasional Sauvignon Blanc. Below is a list of the varietal wines that are available for sale. It is not complete, being based on vineyard web sites and on the results of regional and national competitions. It is also often subject to the problems of the weather- if crops are poor, then vineyards may blend rather than produce varietals.





Ancre Hills, Monmouth


Alborne Est, SussexBardfield, SuffolkBeacon Down-Sussex
Biddenden, Kent Blackdown Ridge, SussexBolney, Sussex
Bothy, Oxon Brightwell, OxonCamel Valley, Cornwall
Carr Taylor ,Sussex Chafor Est, BucksChapel Down,Kent
Chiltern Valley, Oxon Coddington, HerefsDedham Vale, Essex
Denbies, Surrey DropmoreElysian Fields, Cambs
Fawley, Oxon Frome Valley, Herefs.Giffords Hall, Suffolk
Highdown (W.Sussex) Humbleyard, NorfolkFurleigh Est, Dorset
Kenton, Devon Kingscote Est, SussexLavenham Brook
Lily Farm, Devon Manor Fields ,BucksMaud Heath, Wilts
New Hall, Essex New Lodge, NorthantsNutbourne, Sussex
Setley Ridge, HantsSharpham, DevonSherborne Castle,Dorset
Parva Farm, MonmouthShawsgate, SuffolkStanlake Park, Berks
Terlingham (Kent)Three Choirs, GloucsWalton Brook, Leics
Welland Valley, NorthantsWraxall, SomersetWyken, Suffolk
Looe valley, Cornwall


Ancre Hills, MonmouthBrightwell, OxonCamel Valley, Cornwall
Chafor Estate, BucksChapel Down, SussexChiltern Valley, Oxon
Humbleyard, Norfolk Hush Heath, HantsNew Hall, Essex
Penarth, Powys Throwley, KentKnightor, Cornwall


Brightwell ,OxonFrome Valley, HerefsHalfpenny Green, Staffs
New Hall, Essex




Dunkery, DevonOatley, SomersetWyken Suffolk

Madeleine Angevine

Astley, WorcsBeeches ,HerefBodenham Heref.
Buzzard Valley, StaffsDanebury, DorsetDunkery, Devon
Frome Valley, HerefsHalfpenny Green, StaffsGiffords Farm, Suffolk
Knightor, CornwallLeventhope, YorksManor Fields ,Bucks
Mumfords, BathQuance DevonOatley, Somerset
Rose Bank, WorcsWelland Valley, LeicsPolgoon, Cornwall
Quoins, WiltsRenishaw, DerbyshireSharpham, Devon
Stanlake Park, BerksSugar Loaf, MonmouthValley Farm, Suffolk

Muller Thurgau

Harbourne, KentPolmassick, CornwallWillow Grange, Suffolk


Quoins, WiltsRedyeates Wedge (Devon)


Biddenden, KentBothy, OxonCoddington, Heref.
Harbourne, KentKenton, DevonPolgoon (Cornwall)
Sealwood Cottage, DerbysThrowley, KentWestwell Manor, Kent


Bearley, WorcsBridewell, OxonChevelswarde ,Leics
Commonwood, ShropsFrithsden, HertsPortesham, Devon
Rosemary, IOW

Pinot Blanc

New Hall, EssexStopham, W.SussexYearlstone, Devon

Pinot Gris

Bolney, SussexGreyfriars, SurreyCoddington, Herefs.
Knightor CornwallStopham, W.Sussex

Pinot Noir

Albourne, Sussex (White)Dunleavy, Somerset


Sherborne Castle, Dorset


Bodenham, Herefs.Brightwell,OxonDedhams Vale, Essex
Frome Valley, Herefs. Halfpenny Green, StaffsLeigh Park, Wilts
Parhams Farm, DorsetRose Bank, WorcsSetley Ridge, Hants
Sherborne Castle,DorsetMeopham ,KentYearlstone, Devon


Beacon Down, Sussex

Sauvignon Blanc

Winbirri, NorfolkPolgoon (Cornwall)


Biddenden, KentDanebury, DorsetHalfpenny Green, Staffs
Sherborne Castle,DorsetLooe Valley, Cornwall


Manstree ,DevonThree Choirs ,GloucsYearlstone, Devon
White Castle, Wales

Seyval Blanc

a'Becketts, WiltsAvalon, SomersetHarbourne, Kent
Holmfirth, YorksLily Farm, DevonPolmassick, Cornwall
Renishaw, DerbysTeffont Wines, WiltsWalton Brook, Leics
Wickham, HantsWinbirri, NorfolkSherborne Castle,Dorset


Bosue, CornwallChevelswarde, LeicsEastcott, Devon
Frithsden,HertsHumbleyard, NorfolkJones, Shrops
Langot Valley, StaffsLooe Valley, CornwallMontgomery, Wales
New Lodge, NorthantsSealwood Cottage, DerbysSidbury,Devon
Somerby, LincsWalton Brook, Leics
Winbirri, Norfolk


Wickham, Hants

The changes in varieties grown are extremely noticeable in the red wines. In 1993, the two common grapes were Leon Millot and Triomphe. In those days it was known as Triomphe d'Alsace, because it was first dveloped there. However EU regulations decreed that it could not have a reference to aprotected regional name, so it was abbreviated. Leon Millot was developed by the same research station. Small, relatively disease free, but prone to excessive canopy development, it is now little grown. Rondo has a long set of connections, which take Stephen Skelton (UK Vineyards Guide)about half a page to describe. The antecedents include grapes from the borders of Russia and China, probably giving it some antifreeze and makingit suitable for northern climates! It is now popular, especially in the north of England.
Note the increasing number of vineyards producing a still Pinot Noir, especially in the South and East Aglia. Most PN production goes into Sparkling wine


Elysian Fields, Cambs, Welland Valley, Leics


Biddenden (Rosé), KentBrightwell,OxonDunkery, Devon
Highdown, W.SussexWinbirri, Norfolk

Leon Millot

Sherborne Castle,Dorset

Pinot Meunier

Harbourne, Kent

Pinot Noir

Ancre Hills, MonmouthsBodenham, Herefs. (Rosé)Bolney, Sussex
Brightwell, OxonChiltern Valley, OxonDavenport, Sussex
Elysian Fields (Rosé), CambsHush Heath, KentNew Hall, Essex
Portesham, Dorset (Rosé)Sherborne Castle, DorsetStanlake Park, Oxon (Rosé)
Titchfield, SussexWernddu, Monmouth.White Castle, Monmouth (Rosé)
Sharpham,DevonSurrenden,KentStanlake Park, Berks
Winbirri, Norfolk


Bearley, Worcs(Rosé)Commonwood, ShropsChilford Hall, Essex
Portesham, Dorset Redyeates Wedge ,DevonSedlescombe, Sussex
Somerby, LincsWhite Castle, Monmouth


Buzzard Valley, StaffsChevelswarde, LeicsCommonwood (Rosé), Shrops
Frithsden, OxonGlyndwr, GlamHalfpenny Green, Staffs
Holmfirth,YorksKerry Vale, ShropsLangot Valley, Staffs
Lily Farm, Devon Quance ,DevonQuoins, Wilts
Redyeates Wedge (Devon) Renishaw, DerbysSomerby, Lincs
White Castle, Monmouth Sharpham, DevonYearlstone, Devon

Triomphe d'Alsace

Ancre Hills, MonmouthRosemary, IOW Wickham, Hants
Wyken, Suffolk

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