All the Sparkling wines of the U.K.

If anyone had suggested 30 years ago that the UK would become renowned for sparkling wines, I would have had difficulty in believing them. Then, in 1988, to quote Stephen Skelton's excellent guide to UK Vineyards, two crazy Americans bought an estate in Sussex and planted classic varieties. Nothing seemed to happen for several years and there were the usual nodding of heads. Then, in 1992 the first Nyetimber wine was released and received gold medals both in the UK and by the IWSC.
Since then, there has been no looking back. The UK, it was realised, has the ideal climate and soils for classic varieties. Even where classic varieties are not grown, many of German-bred varieties can be made into excellent sparkling wines. Looking at the list below, the "old English" varieties, such as Seyval Blanc, Reichensteiner, and even the derided Muller Thurgau appear regularly. We cannot call them 'Champagne'- that name being reserved for wines produced in the Champagne region of France, so they remain English Sparkling wine (or Gwin Pefriog Cymru) the naive impression that sparkling wine was made from the 3 classic grapes, plus the odd Seyval Blanc. This just shows that the Methode Champenoise can be used on to just about any combination of grapes.

Note that the list is of wines that are available for sale. There is also a host of amateur producers who make wine for themselves and for their friends that I have not attempted to list.

Auxerrois Blanc

Davenport (Sussex)

Auxerrois Blanc & Pinot Gris (Rulander)

Danebury, Hants

Auxerrois Blanc & Pinot Noir

Davenport (Sussex)


Fawley (Oxon), Lily Farm (Devon)


Bolney,(E.Sussex),Bride Valley (Dorset),Brightwell (Oxon),Coates & Sealey(Hants-formerly Wooldings),Chapel Down (Kent),Court Garden (E.Sussex),Denbies (Surrey),English Oak (Dorset), Greyfriars(Surrey),Gusbourne Est (Kent),Hambledon (Hants),Herbert Hall (Marden, Kent),High Clandon (Kent),Langham (Dorset),Penarth (Powys), Poppydown, Hants,Rathfinny Est (Sussex),Ridgeview (Sussex),Tinwood Est (W Sussex)Westwell Manor (Kent),

Chardonnay and Auxerrois

Titchfield, Sussex

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier

Albourne, Castlewood (Devon),Bluebell Est (Sussex),Bride Valley (Dorset),Castle Brook (Herefs),Chapel Down (Kent),Coates & Sealey(Hants-formerly Wooldings),Cottonwood, (Hants),Court Garden (E.Sussex),Davenport (Sussex),Denbies (Surrey), Hambledon (Hants),English Oak (Dorset),Furleigh Estate (Dorset),Henners, E.Sussex,High Clandon (Kent),Jenkyn Place(Hants),Langham (Dorset),Nyetimber (Sussex), Poppydown, Hants,Ridgeview (Sussex),Squerrys Est (Kent),Stanlake Park (Berks), Terlingham (Kent),Tinwood Est (W Sussex),Upperton (W.Sussex), Wiston (W Sussex)

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir

Avonleigh Organic (Wilts),Bluebell Est (Sussex),Bride Valley (Dorset),Charles Palmer (Sussex),Davenport (Sussex),Denbies (Surrey),English Oak (Dorset),Exton Park (Hants), Giffords Hall (Suffolk), Gusbourne Est (Kent), Hambledon (Hants),Henners (E.Sussex), Jenkyn Place(Hants),Ryedale (Yorks), Smith & Evans(Somerset),Stanlake Park (Berks), Throwley (Kent)

Chardonnay & Merlot

Bolney, E.Sussex

Chardonnay & Pinot Meunier

Davenport (Sussex),Langham (Dorset)


Biddenden (Kent)

Huxelrebe, Muller Thurgau & Reichensteiner

Hazel End (Essex)


Wickham Hants (Three Choirs)


Bolney (E.Sussex)


Bosue (Cornwall),Bridewell Organic (Oxon),Kingfishers Pool (Leics),

Orion, Phoenix & Rondo

Tiltridge, Gloucs,


Commonwood (Shrops)

Phoenix & Rondo

Eastcott (Devon)

Phoenix, Seyval Blanc & Rondo

Jabajak (Carmarthenshire)

Pinot Gris

Walton Brook (Leics)

Pinot Meunier

Langham (Dorset)

Pinot Noir

Ancre Hills (Monmouth), Bolney (E.Sussex),Camel Valley (Devon),Chapel Down, (Kent),Denbies (Surrey),Dunkery (Devon),Exton Park (Hants), Greyfriars(Surrey),Highdown (W.Sussex),Nutbourne (Sussex),Oakengrove (Oxon), Redfold Vines (W Sussex),The Mount (Kent),Tinwood Est (W Sussex)Walton Brook (Leics),Yearlstone (Devon)

Pinot Noir & Pinot Meunier

Carr Taylor,(Sussex),Court , Wiston(w Sussex)

Pinot Noir & Orion

Secret Valley (Somerset)


Chiltern Valley (Oxon)

Reichensteiner & Schonburger

Carr Taylor,(Sussex)

Reichensteiner & Rondo/Regent

Welland Valley (Northants)


Ramley Kitchen (Lymington)

Seyval Blanc

A'Becketts (Wilts),Avalon (Somerset,)Bluebell Est (Sussex),Eastcott (Devon)Glyndwr (Glam), Lily Farm (Devon), Welland Valley (Northants),Yorkshire Heart

Seyval Blanc & Auxerrois

Kenton (Devon)


Conwy-North Wales

Seyval & Pinot Gris

Rosemary, IOW

Seyval Blanc & Rondo

Eastcott (Devon)

Seyval Blanc & Pinot Noir

A'Becketts (Wilts),Ancre Hills (Monmouth), Frome Valley (Herefs),Halfpenny Green (Staffs), Wraxall (Somerset), Yearlstone (Devon), Yorkshire Heart

Seyval Blanc, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier

The Mount (Kent)

Seyval Blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay

Halfpenny Green (Staffs)

Rondo, Regent, Pinot Noir

Glyndwr (Glam)

Seyval Blanc & Reichensteiner

Sidbury (Devon)

Seyval Blanc & Rondo

Denbies (Surrey)

Seyval Blanc & Solaris

Frithsden (Herts), Sidbury (Devon)


Kingfisher's Pool

Unspecified grapes or more than 3 grapes- White

Albury Organic (Surrey),Biddenden (Kent),Broadfield Court, (Herefords),Camel Valley (Devon),Castlewood (Devon),Chilford Hall (Cambs), Daws Hill (Oxon),Fleurfields (Northants),New Hall (Essex),Old Walls (Devon),Poulton Est. (Gloucs),Renishaw (Derby), Seer Green (Oxon),Sharpham (Devon),Shawsgate (Suffolk), Stanlake Park (Berks),Three Choirs (Gloucs),Tiltridge, Gloucs,Tintern Parva (Monmouth),Valley Farm (Suffolk), West Street (Essex),Wernddu (Monmouth), White Castle (Monmouth),Winbirri (Norfolk),Wroxeter (Shrops)

Unspecified grapes- pink

Aldwick Court (Bristol),Castlewood (Devon),Daws Hill (Oxon),Hobdens (Sussex),Knightor(Cornwall),Seer Green (Oxon),New Hall (Essex), Polgoon (Cornwall),Renishaw (Derby), Ryedale (Yorks), Shawsgate (Suffolk),Sussex Vineyards,Terlingham (Kent),Tintern Parva (Monmouth),Titchfield(Sussex),West Street (Essex) White Castle (Monmouth), Wraxall (Somerset)

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