Red Wine Grapes

Triomphe d'Alsace.

Vine little known outside Britain (especially in Alsace where it was bred) Produces a red wine. The quality has improved dramatically in recent years and many vineyards produce pleasant, fruity reds.

Pinot Noir
An example of a 'classic' red grape being grown in Britain with increasing success Champagne and Burgundy. Known as Spatburgunder in Germany where it produces a light red strawberry flavoured Baden wine. Produced at Nyetimber and many of the southern 'sparkling wineries' as one of the classic grapes used in their sparkling wine, now equal, or in many cases superior to, the French champagne.Pastures vineyard in Nottinghamshire is probably the furthest north that it has spread.

Bred in 1956 as a cross between Heroldrebe and Helfensteiner, and now considered the red wine grape for cool climates. Nearly 2000 acres are grown in Germany.

German grape producing intense red juice.


German hybrid related to Amurensis crossed with Precoce de Malingre. Produces deep red berries which produce fine harvests in Britain.Now planted in 34 vineyards. Some problems with botrytis and excesive growth.


German hybrid (Sylvaner x Muller Thurgau) x Chambourcin. Grown in small amounts so far but promising.Disease resistance good though not as good as Seyval Blanc Cold tolerent

Red Grape varieties grown in the UK 2009
VarietyHectaresUp/down since 2007
Dornfelder18.2Slightly up
Leon Millot2.74Down slightly
Pinot Noir217Up 96Ha
Dunkelfelder3.32Little change
Rondo (GM 6494/5)43Up slightly
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