Other interesting sites

Plumpton College
-England's major centre
for wine studies
Wine & spirit Trust
Excellent comprehensive list of world alcohol sites English Wine Producers- The OFFICIAL English Wine Producers site
Simon Day - Wine Consultant
Supergigantic Grape list from Anthony Hawkins
World production Wine technologies home page-Robert Parker's wine advisor
[The Webtender]The webtender GRAPETALK. Everything for the Grape Grower
WINE STORAGE.COM - General site - graphics are great on this one - but you need Java

The Uncorked Cellar

Wine software with information on wines from America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand
Internet Wine Guide
Thirty Fifty - Are you thinking of hosting a wine tasting party? We can help! All Wine Racks and Wine Gifts
Everything you need on Wine!
Guide to Wines of the World
All you need to know about the many different countries who produce Wine from South Africa to California.
Truntehus Grape Varieties-Excellent page of links to Vine specifications
Wine Unearthed specialise in one day wine tasting workshops, wine courses, wine dinners, private and corporate wine events ...basically anything involving sharing and talking about wine!


- World wide wine products, services and information"

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