Monarch Grapes
DIVICO was a Gallic leader in the time that the Roman Empire was seeking to tighten its grip on Southern Europe. With an army of over 200,000, he took on the Roman Army under its general, Julius Caesar- and lost the battle of Bibracte in 58 B.C.

This has no relevance to grapes, but is intresting in that the name was picked for a new variety of vine developed by Aeroscope, the Swiss Wine Reseach Institute. Following the German Frieburg Research Institutes set of red varieties- Cabernet Cortis, Monarch (see picture) etc, they have produced a number of crosses that are aimed at producing grapes in Northerly latitudes. These include

  • GARANOIR ( Gamay x Reichensteiner)
  • DIOLINOIR - Robin Noir x Pinot Noir x Gamaret
  • GAMARET - Gamay x Reichensteiner
  • CARMINOIR - Cabernet Sauvignon x Pinot Noir

    The DIVICO is a cross between Gamaret and a White Frieburg Hybrid of uncertain parentage called BRONNER. It is described as a Deep Purple colour, with resistance to downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew and Grey Mould. It is currently being trialled at various locations in Europe, including at HALFPENNY GREEN Vineyard in Staffordshire. Martin Vickers commented that with a large number of bineyards to the north of Staffordshire, there is a demand for Red varieties with early flowering and ripening. Its only snagg appears tobe that its grapes are ready just a birds are seeking extra fuel for long migrations south.
    Time will tell.

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