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This is the original independent site featuring English and Welsh vineyards. It first appeared in 1996 and was known as the Brunel University Wine site.The site is mainly known as Ukvines. It is a non-commercial information site and has no financial connection with any commercial organisation.

The site aims to include all commercial UK vineyards. If any are missing, the author would welcome information, location, labels etc so that they can be included.
The site also features a new section on Foods that match particular wines. These are included both on a separate page (Food and Wine) and in pop-up screens available on relevant vineyard pages. Entries welcome for this section.

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Email for information or site inclusion Please put a topic in your subject panel and do not include files.

The views expressed are those of the author, not of the Wine industry or any individual mentioned.
Copyright 2010 Oliver Richardson, Shropshire United Kingdom

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