Wraxall Vineyard


Brain Shirley and Jackie Brayton
Wraxall Vineyard
Somerset BA4 6RQ


  • Madeleine Angevine

    Wraxall is one of the real old stagers of English viticulture. Planted in an ideal site in central Somerset in 1974, it has seen prosperity and decline. It is now being restored by Brian Shirley and Jackie Brayton after years of neglect.

    Wraxall once produced over 20000 bottles a year from its own winery. However, the vines had deteriorated over the years, and only the Madeleine Angevine survived from the original 4.6 acres of plantings. However, these were revived in 2006, and in 2007, over 1000 bottles were produced for the owners by Bagborough winery. Now, the old overgrown Muller and Seyval grapes have been grubbed up (together with the brambles and other assorted weeds) and new plantings of Seyval and Pinot Noir gave taken place. Come 2010, Wraxall shouild be back to its old prosperity, and the viticultural industry of Somerset will be back on course after 10 years of decline.

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