Parhams Vineyard


Mr. & Mrs. R.Phillips
Parhams Farm
Melbury Abbas
Dorset SP7 0DE
  • Reichensteiner
  • Loamy greensand over chalk
  • Sales by appointment
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  • The romance of the English wine industry is in the locations and names of the vineyards. We have lost Crickley Windward and Elms Cross, but Bow-in-the-Cloud and Lychett Maltravers are still with us. There is probably nowhere more romantically rural in fiction or life than Dorset. The names often featured in the Domesday Book, invariably with Old English origins. Melbury Abbas, cited by some as the birthplace of the photographer William Fox Talbot, lies under the shadow of the 263m. Melbury Hill. The hill in all probability was once 'Mel Beorg' or Mill Hill. The village itself owes the latter part of its name to its owner, the Abbess of Shaftesbury.

    In such idyllic surroundings, Roy Phillips planted 0.40 hectares of Reichensteiner in 1993 on a south facing slope using Scott Henry training overlooking the River Sturkle. These vines are now beginning to produce elegant dry wines. Given the soil and grape types, it will be interesting to see if a sparkling wine follows.

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