Painshill Gardens

Painshill Trust
Painshill Park
Portsmouth Road
Surrey KT11 1JE


  • Chardonay
  • Seyval Blanc
  • Pinot Noir
  • Painshill Park Vineyard was first planted by the Hon Charles Hamilton between 1718 and 1773. It comprises a valley, with lakes at its centre and woodland, as well as grottoes and pavilions. The original grapes were from Burgundy, and were described as Auvernat and Miller
    The second vineyard was planted by Stephen Skelton on a south facing slope overlooking one of the lakes. This was done as part of a scheme to restore the derelict site. Clearance and planting took place in 1992, but a combination of wildlife conspired to reduce the early crops. Howver, towards the end of the decade, these improved and both sparkling and still wines are now available in the shop and restaurant.
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