Kilcott ValleyVineyard

David and Jo Jones
Bank Cottage
Lower Kilcott


  • Seyval Blanc
  • Lower Kilcott is a typical Cotswold hamlet, hidden away in a steep sided valley just off the A46. Bank Cottage is an the head of a narrow steep sided gorge, from which a tiny stream issues forth to join the main stream down the valley.
    The vineyard is not open to the public as yet. Half an acre of Seyval Blanc were planted in 2005 on the limestone soils just above the house. The vines are Scott Henry trained, with 2 fruiting wires. The laterals from the lower wire are turned downwards when hardened, and those on the upper wire are trained upwards. At the end of each row, the wires are supported on 10 inch thick

    It is not expected that a crop will be taken before 2007. After that, the sloping land on the east side of the house may be used to expand the vineyard.

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